Our Story

Kanna Xclusive CBD Boutique, was created as a catalyst for women of all ages and backgrounds to have a space and environment where compassion and care come first. As the CBD industry continues to grow and advance into new markets, we want to ensure we keep quality over quantity at the forefront. We’ve researched, and done our due diligence in identifying partners that not only take pride in their products, they are involved from seed to market. Our relationships were formed through transparency, they are trusted advisors and valuable resources. We also host events and offer event space for holistic educational moments and support groups.

Kanna Xclusive is a place where you can shop for the highest quality CBD products, it’s a place you can feel safe and comfortable sharing your health conditions and concerns. Our goal is to listen and empower women to seek the knowledge and education of CBD and translate it into a conversation, where you control the narrative, whether it’s a conversation with your physician, friends or families. Kanna Xclusive is here to encourage health and wellness, connect women with opportunities in cannabis, and we are here to help change the narrative.